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Advantages to Fumigation

2011 January 10
Termite Fumigation Tenting

A home tented for fumigation

Fumigation is a form of pest control that has to be done in order to remove termites or other hard to reach organisms from the home.  This process should be done by a certified pest control professional. The advantages of fumigation will be that each and every inaccessible area of the home will be reached, and the structure will be properly rid of all termites and pests. This is especially helpful if a homeowner is trying to sell their home and assure that the house will pass termite inspection.

Before the fumigation services begin, the entire home has to be sealed off. Depending on how the home was built, this will determine if the windows and doors will be sealed with tarps. The tarp is used to ensure that the gas is contained thoroughly for maximum penetration to the wood. The structure will generally stay sealed for 12 to 24 hours. Upon the completion of the process, the home is unsealed and aerated by the provider of the fumigation services.

Once the building has been aired out, the fumigation provider will then measure the levels of gas to make sure that it reads and meets the regulations of the EPA for safe habitation. Although some fumigant will remain at low levels in areas that are not ventilated, the home is still safe for re-entry. When the provider finishes, they will post a certificate with a time and date that the house can be reentered. A certification will not be issued until the fumigant concentration is less than 3 parts per million. Usually the fumigant has dissipated after about 6 to 8 hours from the time of aeration. Since the fumigant is a true gas instead of a vapor, another advantage is it won’t leave a residue on furniture, carpets, walls, etc.

When considering on having a structure treated for termites, one will want to find out what the fumigation cost will be. For a home that is around 1,200 square feet it will cost somewhere between $1,200 to $2,500. For a larger home around 2,500 square feet, it could cost $2,500-$3,800. It is important to note that the fumigation cost can vary depending on the provider and their treatment process. This type of termite control should be handled strictly by professionals so that no one becomes sickened. Also, store bought treatments will not facilitate a proper degree of penetration, and they usually leave heavy residues inside the home.

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