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Ant Control in Northern Virginia

2013 June 27

Black_Ants-541Ants are invasive pests that can be extremely difficult to eliminate. These highly social insects live in colonies and work together to provide for the colony and to ensure that its members survive. Ants usually attempt to locate food close to their home, but if necessary, they will travel as far as they possibly can to obtain nourishment. If ants sense food in your home, they will look for ways to slip inside and search for food to take back to the colony.

How Ants Enter Your HomeAnts can easily squeeze through tiny cracks and crevices in your walls and around your windows and doors. Typically, only one or two worker ants will enter at a time, and you may not even notice them. However, after finding food, these tiny foragers emit pheromones, which mark the location of the food and help additional ants find their way to your home. Ants also release pheromones when they are attacked, so if you happen to swat a few stray ants, you may be unintentionally allowing additional ants to find your location.What Problems do Ants Cause? 

Once these tenacious pests decide that your home has what they are looking for, they will keep coming back. Ants are not usually considered dangerous to people, but they can contaminate your food, and by walking along your kitchen counters, they can also spread disease.

Contact Better Termite and Pest Control

In order for the ants to be successfully eliminated from your home, it’s necessary to locate and eradicate the colony.  Since these colonies can be hard to locate, we recommended hiring a professional exterminator, such as Better Termite & Pest Control in Alexandria, Virginia, if your ant problem requires colony elimination. Professional ant exterminators are trained to be able to quickly seek out the the ant colony and remove it quickly and safely.


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