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Ant Prevention in Danville

2013 June 6
by pestfinder

AntsOnce ants have found a way into your home, you will need to be proactive in order to completely eliminate the pests. With some preventative measures, however, you can keep the foraging insects from entering your residence in the first place. Here are a few tips and guidelines that will prevent ant colonies from becoming established in your house.

Trim Nearby Vegetation

Bushes, hedges, and trees can be perfect points of entry for ants. If you have large plants immediately outside your home, try to have them trimmed on a regular basis. Ants that are active in lawn areas typically build large dirt mounds. By eliminating these nests, you can better protect your residence from ants on the move.

Avoid Dampness in the Home

Many ant species are attracted to water. If a gutter has become blocked or the air conditioner is leaking, you may find that the floorboards and walls in the house have sustained water damage. To avoid this, ensure that your various household fixtures are in good condition. When sources of water are removed, ants will move on to greener pastures.

Keep Food Areas Clean

Because all ants are ultimately scouring the local landscape in search of food, you will want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Accessible food waste will likely lead to infestations. Once a single ant has located a food source, it will produce pheromones that attract other members of the colony. To be extra safe, you may also want to buy a secure lid for your exterior garbage can.

Seal Openings in the Foundation

As a final act, you should seal all openings where ants might enter the house. Cracks in doors and windows, for example, can be blocked off with caulk. Basements and attics should also be checked periodically so that infestations do not begin to develop out of sight.

Seek Help

If you find yourself dealing with an ant problem, contact a professional exterminator immediately. Experts can usually resolve the issue within a few days.


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