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Dangerous Spiders

2011 February 23

Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is a common phobia and for good reason. There is a large body of evidence about the dangerous effects of the bites of some spider species, as well as the fact that spider bites can be all too easy to come by, even while you sleep.

The most venomous spider species in the US Are the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider:

Spider Extermination - Black Widow

A Black Widow Spider

The black widow spider, found throughout the United States, has a neuro-toxic venom that causes intense pain spreading from the site of the bite to the abdomen, chest or the entire body. Other symptoms can include vomiting, loss of muscle tone, elevation of blood pressure, convulsions and, in some instances, death. Black widows are especially problematic in that they like to live in quiet places in garages and cellars, but also in furniture as well as in shoes and clothing that are not worn too often.  You must not try to deal with a Black Widow Spider yourself.  Please call a professional spider exterminator for advice and service.

Spider Pest Control - Brown Recluse

A Brown Recluse Spider

Another common species of venomous spider is the brown recluse, most notable for the skin necrosis that results from its bite. The outer layer of skin dies, exposing the tissue beneath which results in intense pain. Weakness, nausea, fever and joint pain can also occur within a day or two. Brown recluse spiders are most active at night, resulting in bites to sleeping children and adults. They can be found in closets, attics, under furniture, in cellars, corners and crevices. Clothing and shoes that have not been worn for some time provide good hiding places for them.

There are, of course, many other species of spiders that will bite when disturbed. Although their bites are typically not fatal, they can cause troubling symptoms like itching, rash, cramps, difficulty breathing, elevated blood pressure, headaches, chills and anxiety.

Spiders are also found outside, in gardens, woodpiles, shrubbery, rain spouts, even electric and gas meters.

Dangerous Spider Eradication:
Because spiders are so adept at squeezing through small holes and cracks, they are extremely difficult to keep out of homes. There are some things homeowners can do to discourage spiders from infesting their properties, such as thorough cleaning and de-cluttering of basements, closets and attics. Do-it-yourself sprays and chemicals can help but may not reach all the hiding places that spiders like, allowing them to continue their breeding cycles.

For the most security and peace-of-mind, the best way to eliminate spiders of all kinds is to hire a professional exterminator. They are trained to deal with hazardous spiders safely. 

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