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Do Termites Come Out When it Rains?

2011 March 27
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Termites Eating Wood

One of the most common questions consumers ask about termites is “do termites come out when it rains?” The answer to this question is yes. Of course, the termites won’t be swarming around the house while the rain is falling, but once it stops, they are often seen in thick swarms. The best place to look for termites is any area of the house where there is little light, especially areas that never receive direct sunlight. Termites prefer shady, damp places.

The reason termites prefer wet wood instead of dry wood is because it is easier for them to chew on. To put the idea into perspective, wood can be compared to cereal. Most people prefer to eat cereal with milk instead of dry cereal – it is much easier to chew. Termites do not necessarily need rain to make an appearance. They can be found even during the direst times of the year. Those who live in climates with defined seasons varying in temperatures will notice termites more often in the spring or summer. Termites may choose an area near an outdoor faucet, fountain or any shady area that often has lingering dew.

Prevention is the key to avoiding termite infestations. There are a few simple things that can be done that will not attract them. For example, treat all wood surfaces with termite-proof and waterproof coatings. This is especially important if the wood is exposed to moisture continually, such as under an outdoor faucet that drips. Try to keep outdoor areas dry. Do not set sprinklers to saturate the surface of any wood structures or a house on a regular basis. Termite treatments are a good preventative tool against termites. Be careful about what type of chemicals are used, though. Many commercial treatments are more harmful than helpful. Some may be dangerous to pets or small children; they may also be harmful for vegetation.

The best and easiest solution to get rid of termites thoroughly is with the help of a professional termite control company. Do-it-yourself kits, chemicals and treatments may be less expensive, but the damage they cause may cost more than simply hiring a professional in the first place. Termites spread when they’re not exterminated quickly. They may also hollow out wood beams and cause extensive, irreparable damage to a home. When termites are noticed, contact a reputable pest control professional immediately.

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