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How to Choose an Exterminator

2011 January 17
Choosing an Exterminator

Exterminator Consults with Homeowners

An exterminator specializes in pest control services. They may act as an individual or work with companies offering extermination services to clients. They determine the scope of a pest problem and implement tactics to remove pests. Choosing an a good pest control expert involves asking and getting answers to a number of important questions to ensure you get the right company to successfully solve your pest problems.

The first thing you can do to find the right exterminator is to ask how long the exterminating company has been in business. Exterminators with multiple years of experience ensure that the company has references. Examine all references provided by the company and find out how others have rated its service. If you’re dealing with a larger company it’s also a good idea to ask the individual who visits your home or business how long he or she has worked for the company.

Your pest control company or individual should be a member of the National Pest Management Association and preferably of other local and state organizations also. The methods the company uses should also be authorized by the NPMA. When a company is a member of professional industry organizations they are often held to a higher ethical standard in their practices. As a plus your pest control professional should also be an Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector.

Make sure the exterminating company has no negative reports and is reliable according to the Better Business Bureau.

When the exterminator company’s vehicle arrives at the site of your pest control problem, check to make sure it has professional lettering and a company logo painted on the vehicle.  This shows that the company has a professional brand that they are not afraid to advertise around the neighborhood.

It is always best if your pest control professional works full-time out of an office in your local area. This insures that he or someone in the company will be available when you need help no matter what time or day of the week.

Compare exterminator prices among companies in your area. Make your choice on not only price, but on the factors of quality of prior work and reliability as well. Exterminator prices for pest removal services can vary widely even within a local municipality.

The exterminating company should have a set of guarantees for its work. Be cautious about using any company that does not have guarantees.

Verify the company’s insurance certificate. Only do business with a professional that has proper up-to-date licensing and insurance. When a business such as this is doing business in and around your property the company’s insurance will protect you in case of damages.

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