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How to Get Rid of Beetles

2011 March 28

Get Rid of Beetles Before They Take Over Your Home

Beetle Extermination

Beetles Devouring a Rose

Beetles make up the largest class in the insect world with approximately five million species. Some groups can cause structural harm to residences and businesses. Other types are more of a nuisance as they congregate in swarms in rooms, windows, or on walls.  Below we will give you some basic tips to prevent infestation and how to get rid of beetles.

Lady bugs, also known as the Asian lady beetle, are seen in every state.  These well known beetles help control small insects from harming trees in the summer; however, they become irritating pests in the summer and fall as they congregate in sunny areas. Lady bugs do not cause any structural damage but will leave a smear and odor if crushed. They also do not reproduce indoors. Carpet beetles are similar to lady bugs in appearance only. These insects are found in carpets, rugs, clothing, and areas like attics. They reproduce quickly indoors by laying one hundred or more eggs at one time. Like lady bugs, they also gather in sunny areas.

Other common beetles include wood boring beetles such as furniture, powder post, deathwatch, and ambrosia beetles. The larvae of these type of beetle are known as woodworms and can also cause damage. There are also long horned, ground, and larder beetles. Cereal or grain beetles are tiny, black bugs that enjoy infesting cereal, macaroni, flour, and crackers in kitchen cupboards.

Helpful tips to keep beetles out of the home include sealing all gaps, cracks, and holes in and around windows, doors, roof, and siding. Planting trees to provide shade to sunny areas of the porch, home, garage, and other structures will decrease infestation. Routinely vacuuming carpets inside the home is also recommended. Other methods include spraying insecticides or setting traps similar to Japanese beetle traps placed outdoors.

Although beetles do not carry diseases or parasites, they do reproduce quickly and become overwhelming to control. Many insecticides for home use are not very effective when dealing with a serious beetle infestation. It is also important to consider the affect of pesticides on pets and children. Beetle traps can help decrease the population, but do not remove the root of the problem.

Professional pest control or extermination companies are knowledgeable in how to get rid of beetles including the larvae which will take care of the problem for good.  These professionals address the insect and the point of entry to prevent future infestations so homeowners can enjoy their home without tolerating a wall of beetles beside them.

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