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How to Prevent Rats

2011 January 20
Rat Control Prevent Rats

A common grey rat

One of the easiest ways homeowners discover that they may have a mice or rats problem are the droppings. Rodents eat and excrete constantly. The droppings have the appearance of tiny seed at first glance. Upon closer inspection, the home resident realizes they have rodents in the house, which could be a scary and unnerving experience.

How does one get rid of rats? They are disease carriers and can gnaw through wood and even destroy electrical cords. A cat will attempt to catch rats but some are just not born mousers. Besides, rat populations can explode rapidly and soon, the cat can be outnumbered. Poison and traps are dangerous to handle and must be kept away from children and pets. The trouble with poison is that it may work on some of the pests but the homeowner never knows for sure if they will return.

If you suspects rats, scattering a light dusting of flour or unscented talc on the area where pest traffic is suspected will give the proof. Sprinkle a small amount of either in an area where the rats are suspected to walk and their tracks and marks where a tail drags between their feet will give unmistakable evidence.

The discovery of an apparent rats problem should not be allowed to continue. Call a professional pest control company or extermination service immediately.  The key word is professional. Exterminators and pest control experts know methods to rid the home of any mice or rats problem and keep them away.  Once the pests are gone, pest control and extermination companies know how best to keep them away…for good!

Don’t put personal or the family health at risk by using traps or self-help methods. Trust the knowledge and experience of pest control experts. Their methods have been developed over years of experience and by studying the biology and habits of mice and rats.

Once gone, the experts can make sure that the rats and mice don’t return. Better yet, don’t wait until there is obvious evidence of a rat invasion into the home. Call a professional exterminator or pest control company before any problem occurs.

Some things can be handled by a homeowner in a do-it-yourself fashion. Pest control is not one of them. Make sure disease carrying vermin don’t invade. Give the professionals and prevent the damage before it starts.

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