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How to Remove Wild Animals from Your Home

2010 October 11

The Best Way to Safely Remove Wildlife

Squirrel Wildlife Pest Control

Squirrel Entering a Home

The average United States citizen probably tends to think about tiny annoyances such as fleas, ants, and spiders when the subject of pests comes up, but the reality is that pests are oftentimes larger animals considered to be wildlife.  With city and county boundaries spreading further into the the mountains and rural areas, it has become more common to discover an unwanted critter wreaking havoc in residential areas. This leaves homeowners and sometimes even apartment dwellers having to deal with how to safely remove unwanted wildlife from their property.

Searching the internet or calling around might give people ideas for how to rid themselves of this pest problem. However, it is more difficult than it sounds.  Some areas have laws and regulations about how wildlife is handled and it isn’t as simple as just seeing a wandering animal and removing it. In fact, in some places, it’s illegal to do so without first proving the animal has been destructive to property or is dangerous to human life.

Municipal Permits are often required for wildlife removal which means a  homeowner needs to spend time researching the local ordinances and then doing whatever is required to get the proper okay to remove an animal.  As if that wasn’t hard enough, there are also laws that mandate how a wild animal is removed. Things like the size of crates and the way the wildlife is transported might also be regulated.

People who want to remove unwanted wildlife also have to make sure they have the right equipment to do so. In addition, there is the ongoing debate over how to handle an animal humanely.  Another thing to the time factor involved. Capturing a wild animal is not as easy as simply sticking out a trap and hoping the animal will find its way there. There are other considerations, including domestic animals that could potentially wander into a trap and become harmed.

Raccoon Wildlife Pest Control

Racoon is Search of Food

Finally and perhaps most importantly, there is the safety factor. Those not trained in the proper care of wildlife could find themselves being bitten, clawed, or worse.  The best bet for safely removing wildlife from the premises is to call in a legitimate wildlife & pest control company. They’ll know the rules, have the permits, and will be able to safely remove and handle any wildlife that might be of danger.

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