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Keep Your Brooklyn Home Pest Free

2013 March 5
by pestfinder

Calling a professional pest control company to spray your Brooklyn home once a year can keep many pests and termites at bay. Although this is not a cure-all for pest problems, it deters many unwanted pests from entering your home. Even after a professional spraying, homeowners should use reasonable prevention techniques to deter future infestations.

-Store dry goods, like cereal, in plastic containers or tightly-closed bags.
-Clean behind your stove and under the burners regularly. Roaches are attracted to grease.
-Use plastic storage bins to hold holiday decor and other bulk storage. Roaches like to nest inside of cardboard.

-When you see ants in your home, act immediately by treating the area with ant spray. If ignored, more ants will likely follow. Also use the spray around door frames and windows.
-If ants are seen in the kitchen, be sure to keep sugar and other dried goods closed tightly.

-Use pine blocks in storage boxes that contain fabric items.
-Regularly vacuum underneath furniture where moths are likely to lay eggs.
-Replace white porch light bulbs with yellow florescent bulbs.

Earwigs, Silverfish, Lizards, Snakes, Crickets and Termites
-Don’t allow water to collect in backyard furniture, equipment, toys or garden pots.
-Prune trees and shrubs so that they do not touch the home’s exterior.
-Repair leaky faucets and broken pipes.
-Consider new weatherstripping on your front and back door.
-Spray insecticide around the perimeter of your home.

Fruit Flies
-Discard overripe fruit and keep garbage covered.
-Do not store garbage cans in the garage.
-When they start arriving, leave a cup of vinegar in the affected rooms.

-Seal cracks in and around shingles and ceilings.
-Buy a few carnivorous plants for the house.
-Hang fly strips in the attic.
-Store garbage outside.

Mice and Rats
-Repair holes in walls and floors. Replace weatherstripping.
-Keep traps set even if you believe none are present.
-Cut tall grass near your home.
-Store garbage cans in the yard rather than in the garage.

Regardless of prevention techniques, some pests will inevitably find their way into your home. Pests frequently catch a ride into homes on clothing, shoes and pets. If yearly treatment combined with these prevention techniques aren’t enough to keep your home free of pests, increase the frequency of visits by your professional pest control company. Some areas, due to climate and surrounding plants, require semi-annual visits.  If your Brooklyn home or apartment is overrun by pests, we suggest giving Flash Exterminating a call.  They would be happy to give you a free quote.


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