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Long Island Termite Inspection Services

2013 January 7

Have you had a termite inspection?

It’s easy to tell if you have most pests. You’ll see the evidence in cupboards and cabinets or notice the unwanted guests orbiting light bulbs in your home. Termites are a different case; they can go undetected for years, secretly damaging a home from the inside out and possibly even compromising its structural integrity. By the time you see the damage they’ve caused, it may be too late to prevent costly repairs or rebuilding.

Even if you’re fairly sure your home is free of termites, consider these reasons for arranging a professional inspection from Multi-Pest Corp.

Termite inspections are easy

Although our inspections are thorough, they don’t require inconvenience. We look for evidence of termites in hidden areas such as basements, attics and crawlspaces. Areas where untreated wood comes in contact with damp soil are common access sites for these destructive pests, and we go over your property to find these and other avenues for termite infestation. A professional inspection doesn’t take much time and can prevent untold damage.

Early detection means less costly treatment

Finding evidence of a small termite colony is dismaying, but it’s far better than discovering a large colony only after your home’s frame or woodwork has sustained irrevocable damage. Delaying a termite inspection only leads to costly repairs in the long run, so make an annual inspection part of your pest control routine.

Termite inspections are essential before you buy or sell

For sellers, a thorough inspection reassures your buyers and helps protect you from liability. If you’re in the market for a new home, have us inspect the property before you make an offer to ensure your new home’s structural integrity. An inspection can also disclose past damage and determine whether termites are still present.

A professional inspection can help you avoid future infestations

We know what termites like. When we conduct an inspection of your home, we’ll assess your property’s potential to host termites in the future and make recommendations for reducing your termite risk. Arrange your inspection soon and find out what you can do to make your home inhospitable to termites well before their swarming season.

Multi-Pest Corp offers termite inspection services throughout Long Island including Oceanside and Long Beach.


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