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Massachusetts Home Pest Control Checklist

2012 December 10

With winter rapidly approaching in the northeast, it is time to prepare for a seasonal pest inspection.  No one wants to deal with a bug or rodent infestation after the fact. Why wait until pests become a problem when you can prevent invasions from happening in the first place? Numerous ways exist to ensure that pesky critters don’t make their way into your home, and many are surprisingly simple.

Uncovered Wood

Of course, uncovered food is always appetizing to insects and other pests. Human and pet foods are equally alluring, so putting away or tossing dog and cat food at night is essential. Trash is another pest magnet, so be sure to cover cans to make garbage less appealing.

Debris of all kinds make your house seem like home to countless creatures. Remove or repair any rotted or decaying wood, and don’t leave bricks or stones, debris outside your house — rats and other undesirables find these materials irresistible.

Store firewood 20 or more feet from the house, and place it on a surface elevated at least five inches from the ground to avoid inadvertently inviting rodents, potentially dangerous types of spiders and other undesirables into your home. Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed in order to prevent easy entry for various types of pests.

Look for Holes and Crevices

Critters looking for a comfy place to call home may also try to sneak into holes and cracks around the outside of your house. Be sure screens fit properly into window frames, and caulk or otherwise seal even the smallest openings. Weather stripping is an excellent weapon in the fight against bugs and other creepy home invaders.

In addition to blocking entry into your home, create an uninviting atmosphere for bugs. Providing adequate ventilation and eliminating dampness throughout the home is key, including attics and basements. Cockroaches and other pests find dry, well-ventilated areas uninhabitable. Track down and fix any plumbing leaks, and don’t forget to check trays beneath potted plants for excess water.

Some pests don’t need any cracks or crevices to enter your home, as they will enter your home on your clothes or in your luggage.  Massachusetts has a very large bed bug problem, as it is a popular tourist destination.  If you are traveling, be sure to be on the lookout for bed bugs on furniture and on hotel mattresses.

Making your home less of a target is your best defense against insects, rodents and other pests. Besides sealing off all means of entry, try any number of insect and rodent repellents on the market as extra insurance. Nontoxic options are available, including the use of common spices to ward off various types of bugs. Creating the right environment will help guarantee that these unwanted guests never darken your doorstep again.   If these steps are unsuccessful in keeping pests out of your home, you can always give Alamo Pest Control a call.  They are based out of North Andover, and will be happy to give you a free pest quote.


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