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Mosquito Control in Atlanta

2013 February 5

Mosquitoes are annoying pests that can spread dangerous diseases when they are allowed to multiply without having populations kept under control. Atlanta provides an ideal climate for mosquitoes to live and breed, so it is especially important for people in this region to be proactive about mosquito control.

Mosquitoes and Humidity

One issue that makes mosquitoes a prevalent problem in Atlanta is the fact that the humidity tends to be high in the area. Mosquitoes are attracted to humid climates and are able to breed in hot, humid regions with standing water. The body of a mosquito may dry out when exposed to sunlight and dry conditions, so humidity and shade are ideal.

Controlling Mosquito Populations

Keeping mosquito populations under control starts with eliminating the environments that mosquitoes prefer. Property owners should take care to get rid of any containers that collect standing water. If containers with water must be kept outside, mesh should be placed over the containers to keep mosquitoes from using the water as a habitat.
Since adult mosquitoes prefer tall grass in which to find shade from the sun, keeping vegetation on a property trimmed is recommended. To keep mosquitoes out of a building, windows and doors that are kept open should be fitted with mesh that is free from damage.

Professional Mosquito Control Services

Even though property owners can take steps to eliminate mosquito problems, there are times when the presence of mosquitoes gets too out of control for a person to handle without the help of a professional pest control service.
Pest control professionals are able to use specialized equipment and have the knowledge necessary to pinpoint all areas in which mosquitoes are present to get rid of the problem.   If you decide to hire a professional, we suggest the folks at Atlanta MosquitoNix.  MosquitoNix is the national leader in mosquito spray systems.

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