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Bee and Wasp Prevention in West Palm

2013 April 2
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by pestfinder

Florida’s bees and wasps are a vital part of the environment. Florida crops pollinated by honey bees raise nearly $200 million in tax revenue each year. Unfortunately, bees and wasps can also be a troublesome pest when they build their hives near homes and other buildings.

Are they dangerous?

Bees and wasps are a nuisance for a number of reasons. Most varieties of these insects are protective of their nests and will aggressively sting anything they perceive as a threat. Their stingers are venomous and result in painful irritation and swelling of the skin. People with allergies can have serious reactions to the venom, and between 50 and 100 people in the US die each year from bee stings. In addition to the risk of painful stings, carpenter bee infestations can result in significant property damage. Carpenter bees build their nests by boring into wood, and they damage and deface hundreds of wooden structures in Florida each year.

Most infestations can be detected by keeping an eye out for large numbers of bees and wasps. If a swarm of the insects is moving in the same direction, they may be traveling to a common nesting place nearby. Bees and wasps are often attracted to homes by sources of food. The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep outdoor garbage and recycling containers closed. You can also build birdfeeders and bird baths on the premises. Many bird species feed on bees and wasps as well as their larvae.

Dealing with Bees, Wasps and Hornets is best left to the professionals

Once they have infested an area, getting rid of a colony of bees or wasps is both difficult and dangerous. Hiring a professional exterminator is the safest and most effective way to solve the problem. Professional pest technicians have the skill and experience necessary to get rid of the infestation without aggravating the swarm.  Protective Pest of West Palm is highly trained in controlling bee and wasp populations, and offer free quotes.


Reasons to Hire a Jacksonville Exterminator VS D.I.Y.

2013 March 7
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by pestfinder

When pests settle into a building and cause structural damage to the building or health issues for occupants, it may be tempting to save money by using do-it-yourself pest control methods. Unfortunately, most people who try to control a problem by themselves find that they are left with a bigger problem than when they started. Even if pests are killed through do-it-yourself methods, the residue and damage left behind needs to be professionally resolved.

Services provided by exterminators

People often assume that exterminators simply come into a building, kill the pests that they find and leave. A professional Jacksonville exterminator that does a thorough job will make sure to use a three-step process when completing an extermination.

An inspection of the building to find out where pest populations are living and how they are entering will be conducted to begin the process. This gives exterminators the opportunity to form a plan of action for extermination and cleanup.

Pest control professionals will then eliminate the pests and clean up any residue left behind. The final step of the process is ensuring that situations that encouraged pests to enter a building in the past are attended to before the exterminator leaves.

Benefits of hiring a professional Jacksonville exterminator

Property owners may be able to use pesticides that are available commercially to kill the pests that they see, but the pests that can be seen are only part of the problem.

Mice, termites and other common pests leave droppings, hair or even skin around crawl spaces, attics and basements. Pests are also known to pick up bacteria and other harmful substances outside and deposit materials throughout a building. Occupants of a building may find that they feel ill weeks or months after a do-it-yourself pest control method has been used, and the reason is that these methods are not thorough enough to take care of the problem for good.

Besides ensuring that a pest problem is resolved throughout a building, hiring a professional exterminator also gives property owners the benefit of having someone on the job who knows what kinds of pesticides to use. Instead of using a trial and error method to find the right supplies to complete the pest control process, homeowners can have a professional use the right tools the first time to avoid having multiple pesticides used in their living space.

Homeowners and business owners in the Jacksonville area can contact Orange Environmental Services for long term solutions to their pest control problems.


Keep Your Brooklyn Home Pest Free

2013 March 5
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by pestfinder

Calling a professional pest control company to spray your Brooklyn home once a year can keep many pests and termites at bay. Although this is not a cure-all for pest problems, it deters many unwanted pests from entering your home. Even after a professional spraying, homeowners should use reasonable prevention techniques to deter future infestations.

-Store dry goods, like cereal, in plastic containers or tightly-closed bags.
-Clean behind your stove and under the burners regularly. Roaches are attracted to grease.
-Use plastic storage bins to hold holiday decor and other bulk storage. Roaches like to nest inside of cardboard.

-When you see ants in your home, act immediately by treating the area with ant spray. If ignored, more ants will likely follow. Also use the spray around door frames and windows.
-If ants are seen in the kitchen, be sure to keep sugar and other dried goods closed tightly.

-Use pine blocks in storage boxes that contain fabric items.
-Regularly vacuum underneath furniture where moths are likely to lay eggs.
-Replace white porch light bulbs with yellow florescent bulbs.

Earwigs, Silverfish, Lizards, Snakes, Crickets and Termites
-Don’t allow water to collect in backyard furniture, equipment, toys or garden pots.
-Prune trees and shrubs so that they do not touch the home’s exterior.
-Repair leaky faucets and broken pipes.
-Consider new weatherstripping on your front and back door.
-Spray insecticide around the perimeter of your home.

Fruit Flies
-Discard overripe fruit and keep garbage covered.
-Do not store garbage cans in the garage.
-When they start arriving, leave a cup of vinegar in the affected rooms.

-Seal cracks in and around shingles and ceilings.
-Buy a few carnivorous plants for the house.
-Hang fly strips in the attic.
-Store garbage outside.

Mice and Rats
-Repair holes in walls and floors. Replace weatherstripping.
-Keep traps set even if you believe none are present.
-Cut tall grass near your home.
-Store garbage cans in the yard rather than in the garage.

Regardless of prevention techniques, some pests will inevitably find their way into your home. Pests frequently catch a ride into homes on clothing, shoes and pets. If yearly treatment combined with these prevention techniques aren’t enough to keep your home free of pests, increase the frequency of visits by your professional pest control company. Some areas, due to climate and surrounding plants, require semi-annual visits.  If your Brooklyn home or apartment is overrun by pests, we suggest giving Flash Exterminating a call.  They would be happy to give you a free quote.


Professional Exterminator in Los Angeles

2013 March 4
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by pestfinder

Reasons to Hire a Professional Exterminator in Los Angeles

Do-it-yourself (DIY) work has grown in popularity over the years, but DIY is not always the most efficient or effective solution to a problem. Many homeowners in the Los Angeles area believe that they can take care of their own pest infestations with products available at a local Home Depot. However, more often than not, the endeavor turns out to be expensive, time consuming and ineffective. Whether your problem is ants, termites, cockroaches or rodents, there is no substitution for an experienced, professional technician. Pest Solutions is your local professional. They have been offering services throughout Los Angeles for over 14 years.

Discovering the problem

Professional exterminators are trained to discover sources of infestations that are not readily apparent. Without this training, you may never find out how your particular pests are getting into your home, which means you must continuously reapply toxic chemicals as the pests return whenever the poison loses its potency. In addition, homeowners dedicated to DIY pest control may damage their homes while attempting to discover the source.

Safety issues

The pesticides used for pest control can be highly toxic, and some of those on the shelves of your local DIY center are the most dangerous of all, especially in the hands of someone who has no experience using them. A professional exterminator will have a wide selection of pesticides from which to choose, and he or she will know which one, if any, is right for your particular situation. In addition, the pests themselves may pose a danger, and professional technicians will have the necessary safety equipment and protective clothing. It does not make sense for homeowners to put the health of themselves, their families and their pets at risk in an attempt to save a couple of dollars.

It costs less than you think

Speaking of saving a couple of dollars, hiring a professional exterminator can actually save you money. If you do not find the source of your infestation, then you will end up paying for more pesticides than are necessary. In some cases, you will not need any pesticides at all. Professional, experienced exterminators can identify particular pest species and, by using knowledge of their habits, can determine the most cost-effective and efficient means of controlling them. In addition, a pest-control technician will have access to expensive equipment that you would otherwise have to buy for a single use.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, a professional exterminator can solve your pest problems quickly, efficiently and effectively, and you may save yourself some time and money by hiring a trained pest-control expert such as Pest Solutions. Their professional Los Angeles exterminators offer top quality services.


Mosquito Control in Atlanta

2013 February 5
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Mosquitoes are annoying pests that can spread dangerous diseases when they are allowed to multiply without having populations kept under control. Atlanta provides an ideal climate for mosquitoes to live and breed, so it is especially important for people in this region to be proactive about mosquito control.

Mosquitoes and Humidity

One issue that makes mosquitoes a prevalent problem in Atlanta is the fact that the humidity tends to be high in the area. Mosquitoes are attracted to humid climates and are able to breed in hot, humid regions with standing water. The body of a mosquito may dry out when exposed to sunlight and dry conditions, so humidity and shade are ideal.

Controlling Mosquito Populations

Keeping mosquito populations under control starts with eliminating the environments that mosquitoes prefer. Property owners should take care to get rid of any containers that collect standing water. If containers with water must be kept outside, mesh should be placed over the containers to keep mosquitoes from using the water as a habitat.
Since adult mosquitoes prefer tall grass in which to find shade from the sun, keeping vegetation on a property trimmed is recommended. To keep mosquitoes out of a building, windows and doors that are kept open should be fitted with mesh that is free from damage.

Professional Mosquito Control Services

Even though property owners can take steps to eliminate mosquito problems, there are times when the presence of mosquitoes gets too out of control for a person to handle without the help of a professional pest control service.
Pest control professionals are able to use specialized equipment and have the knowledge necessary to pinpoint all areas in which mosquitoes are present to get rid of the problem.   If you decide to hire a professional, we suggest the folks at Atlanta MosquitoNix.  MosquitoNix is the national leader in mosquito spray systems.

Long Island Termite Inspection Services

2013 January 7
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Have you had a termite inspection?

It’s easy to tell if you have most pests. You’ll see the evidence in cupboards and cabinets or notice the unwanted guests orbiting light bulbs in your home. Termites are a different case; they can go undetected for years, secretly damaging a home from the inside out and possibly even compromising its structural integrity. By the time you see the damage they’ve caused, it may be too late to prevent costly repairs or rebuilding.

Even if you’re fairly sure your home is free of termites, consider these reasons for arranging a professional inspection from Multi-Pest Corp.

Termite inspections are easy

Although our inspections are thorough, they don’t require inconvenience. We look for evidence of termites in hidden areas such as basements, attics and crawlspaces. Areas where untreated wood comes in contact with damp soil are common access sites for these destructive pests, and we go over your property to find these and other avenues for termite infestation. A professional inspection doesn’t take much time and can prevent untold damage.

Early detection means less costly treatment

Finding evidence of a small termite colony is dismaying, but it’s far better than discovering a large colony only after your home’s frame or woodwork has sustained irrevocable damage. Delaying a termite inspection only leads to costly repairs in the long run, so make an annual inspection part of your pest control routine.

Termite inspections are essential before you buy or sell

For sellers, a thorough inspection reassures your buyers and helps protect you from liability. If you’re in the market for a new home, have us inspect the property before you make an offer to ensure your new home’s structural integrity. An inspection can also disclose past damage and determine whether termites are still present.

A professional inspection can help you avoid future infestations

We know what termites like. When we conduct an inspection of your home, we’ll assess your property’s potential to host termites in the future and make recommendations for reducing your termite risk. Arrange your inspection soon and find out what you can do to make your home inhospitable to termites well before their swarming season.

Multi-Pest Corp offers termite inspection services throughout Long Island including Oceanside and Long Beach.


Time to Inspect Your Miami Home for Pests

2012 December 31
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by pestfinder

Is Your Property Safe? Call a Miami Pest Control Expert For An Evaluation.

Here in Florida, pests threaten homes and commercial buildings all year. Things might seem fine until visitors begin noticing scratching sounds, rodent droppings and other warning signs. Even a small population of pests or rodents can become an infestation if left untreated. Pest control services in Miami focus on eradicating current populations and preventing future infestations. Many people believe that they can treat a small problem themselves, but that’s not always the case. Cockroaches, bedbugs, termites and rodents require professional extermination services to make sure that they’re gone and that they don’t come back.

Pest control professionals in Miami are familiar with local threats, possible treatment methods and the regulated products that are formulated to eradicate pests. These companies have access to the most powerful insecticides, pesticides and termiticides, and they are trained on how to properly use them. It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, office, apartment building or family home. Bugs and pests are unsanitary. Here are a few of the pests and pathogens that are commonly found in Miami buildings.

Fleas and Bedbugs

Fleas and bedbugs are a growing problem. These tiny bloodsucking pests thrive indoors and can be difficult to eradicate. They cause itchy bites, and they transmit diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified several bed bugs carrying MRSA and drug-resistant bacteria.


Rodents leave trails of saliva, droppings and dander that are filled with dangerous pathogens. Hantavirus and other contagious diseases are present in rodent droppings and the associated airborne dust.


Cockroaches are ugly bugs, but the real danger is the bacteria and viruses that they carry wherever they go. Salmonella is just one of several dozen dangerous germs transported by cockroaches.


Termites are a serious threat to buildings throughout Florida. These destructive pests are visible when they swarm in the spring. During the rest of the year, they’re busy eating wood, cellulose and any type of plant-based material that they can find, including your home.

Household pests are destructive, dangerous and disgusting, and they are active all year. By calling a professional pest control service in Miami, you can make sure that your property is protected from these threats. An exterminator can inspect the interior and exterior of your building to identify potential entry points and signs of an infestation. Calling a pest control professional is the best way to protect your property while enjoying peace of mind and knowing that the job was done right.

Toro Pest Management is a Doral based exterminator that does both residential and commercial pest services.  They also do lawn and termite work, and give free quotes.


Keeping Your Danville Home Rodent Free in the Winter

2012 December 17
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by pestfinder

Rats, mice and other rodents are capable of causing major damage to your Danville home, and they can also expose you and your family to a number of infectious diseases, including Leptospirosis, typhus, plague and Lyme disease. Not only do the animals spread diseases through their droppings and bites, but they may also be hosts for fleas and other parasites with diseases of their own. The best way to keep rodents from destroying your home and health is to prevent them from coming in. Here are some tips for averting a rodent infestation in your home, and could prevent you from calling a rodent control professional.

Keep Food Covered

Rodents love to eat, and if they can’t find food outside, they will break into your home to satisfy their hunger. Rodents can smell food from miles away, so you need to make sure that the items in your pantry are kept in their original packaging or tightly sealed in sturdy containers.

Keep it Clean

While it’s not necessary to keep your home spotless, you should keep it sanitary and free of trash and excess clutter. Rodents enjoy shredding paper and cloth to build their nests, so don’t keep piles of magazines, newspaper or clothes laying around. Also, you should maintain the outside of your property and keep an eye on wood piles, shrubs, leaves and grass. Additionally, you need to keep your outdoor grills clean and keep your garbage tightly bagged in closed containers. If you have pets, you should never leave their food outside, and you should always empty unused seeds from bird feeders.

Keep it Sealed

Rats and Mice can squeeze through coin-sized openings in your house, so you may need to inspect your home for large cracks and holes. Pay attention to areas around vents, behind cabinets and in attics or crawl spaces. If you find any gaps, you should seal them to prevent rodents from entering your home.

Guest post contributed by Terminix Big Bugs of Danville.  Big Bugs is a locally owned Terminix franchise that has been in business for over 60 years.  They guarantee their services, and offer free inspections.


Massachusetts Home Pest Control Checklist

2012 December 10
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With winter rapidly approaching in the northeast, it is time to prepare for a seasonal pest inspection.  No one wants to deal with a bug or rodent infestation after the fact. Why wait until pests become a problem when you can prevent invasions from happening in the first place? Numerous ways exist to ensure that pesky critters don’t make their way into your home, and many are surprisingly simple.

Uncovered Wood

Of course, uncovered food is always appetizing to insects and other pests. Human and pet foods are equally alluring, so putting away or tossing dog and cat food at night is essential. Trash is another pest magnet, so be sure to cover cans to make garbage less appealing.

Debris of all kinds make your house seem like home to countless creatures. Remove or repair any rotted or decaying wood, and don’t leave bricks or stones, debris outside your house — rats and other undesirables find these materials irresistible.

Store firewood 20 or more feet from the house, and place it on a surface elevated at least five inches from the ground to avoid inadvertently inviting rodents, potentially dangerous types of spiders and other undesirables into your home. Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed in order to prevent easy entry for various types of pests.

Look for Holes and Crevices

Critters looking for a comfy place to call home may also try to sneak into holes and cracks around the outside of your house. Be sure screens fit properly into window frames, and caulk or otherwise seal even the smallest openings. Weather stripping is an excellent weapon in the fight against bugs and other creepy home invaders.

In addition to blocking entry into your home, create an uninviting atmosphere for bugs. Providing adequate ventilation and eliminating dampness throughout the home is key, including attics and basements. Cockroaches and other pests find dry, well-ventilated areas uninhabitable. Track down and fix any plumbing leaks, and don’t forget to check trays beneath potted plants for excess water.

Some pests don’t need any cracks or crevices to enter your home, as they will enter your home on your clothes or in your luggage.  Massachusetts has a very large bed bug problem, as it is a popular tourist destination.  If you are traveling, be sure to be on the lookout for bed bugs on furniture and on hotel mattresses.

Making your home less of a target is your best defense against insects, rodents and other pests. Besides sealing off all means of entry, try any number of insect and rodent repellents on the market as extra insurance. Nontoxic options are available, including the use of common spices to ward off various types of bugs. Creating the right environment will help guarantee that these unwanted guests never darken your doorstep again.   If these steps are unsuccessful in keeping pests out of your home, you can always give Alamo Pest Control a call.  They are based out of North Andover, and will be happy to give you a free pest quote.


Argentine Ants are a year round problem in Orange County

2012 December 5
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Ants are often thought of as just a summer-time pest problem but here in Orange County, California ants are a year round problem for homeowners and businesses alike. Due to our mild climate they have free reign in our environment even during our cold 60 degree winter days. Another reason that ants are a year round problem in Southern California is because of the breed of ants that have taken over our environment, Argentine Ants. These non-native ants have basically taken control of California and conquered nearly all other ants in their path. With their large colony size and their needs for food and water Argentine Ants tend to set up satellite colonies inside or very close to Orange County homes and gardens. When these insects invade it is very important that homeowners seek professional help for the problem or they could very easily make the situation worse with over-the-counter (OTC) remedies.

Why Are These Ants so Prevalent?

Since the average local temperature is around 63 degrees and the minimum temperature is around 48 degrees according insects especially ants, thrive in Southern California areas that are supplied with the food and water they need. In colder parts of the country, where the temperatures can drop to freezing and below, insects have a difficult time surviving the tough winter months and many die off in the freeze. Orange County’s temperate climate along with a supply of moisture, either from a good rainy season or a homeowner’s irrigation systems, creates an environment that is ideal for year round colony growth and year round foraging for food. Southern California insect populations experience little environmental pressures so they tend to live out their full life span and thereby produce populations whatever size the environment can support, which is often very large.

What danger do they pose?

Non-native insect species always pose a threat to any environment they are introduced to and Argentine Ants are no exception. Argentines have almost completely wiped out all native ant species in California. Most Argentine Ants in Southern California are part of the Very Large Colony (VLC), the scientific name for it. The VLC spreads from Baja to Sacramento and is just a single main colony with individual satellite colonies attached to it. There are a few other ‘smaller’ Argentine colonies that can encompass a few neighborhoods or a few cities, but they do not measure close to the size of the VLC. Argentine Ants in Argentina, where they are from, don’t operate in these super-colonies but once an Argentine Ant colony is transplanted all of its future members will continue to work together, no matter how far they spread. This ability to work together allows them to overwhelm native ant species with millions of ants in any war they wage. Even though Argentines are smaller than native species they have won out with sheer force of numbers, making them the dominant species in Orange County. Whenever the VLC finds food or water supplies in an area they march some ants with a few queens to set up a new satellite in the area to take advantage of those new supply sources. Also, since Argentine Ants can have more than 20 ‘Queen’ ants in a single satellite, they are able to quickly multiply to answer any threat they encounter.

Hiring a professional

Due to Argentine biology and the vast spread of the VLC there is no way to permanently eliminate them from our environment. This is why control of their population is the key to living a life free from ant infestation. Exterminators in Buena Park use the most modern non-repellent solutions to control these pesky invaders. Non-repellent chemicals are the key to effective Argentine Ant control and this is why OTC pest control products are not very effective at controlling them. Almost every OTC insecticide is a repellent chemical that, if used properly, will trap ants on the inside of a home and will only kill on contact. Repellent Chemicals are detectable by ants and they avoid crossing them, repel them, and if ants are on the inside of a structure they will avoid the area sprayed and search in other areas for food and water. Our non-repellent chemicals are not detectable to ants. Since ants are unaware of their presence they cross these chemicals and spread them around their colony. These chemicals have a transfer effect that does great damage to the colony and does not force them into the living quarters of the structure. Through our use of these specialized chemicals, a company like PacWest Exterminators can gain quick and effective control of Argentine Ants in your home.