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Pest Control Port St Lucie FL

2012 August 31
by admin

Pest Control in the Port St. Lucie Area

Florida is famous for being a prime breeding ground for pests that love to invade your home and ruin your lawn. Because the climate is so mild, many pests can survive through the winter and come back bigger and stronger when the weather gets warm. Port St. Lucie, Martin County and Indian River County are home to many pests. If you live in the area, you’ve probably seen fire ants, termites, roaches, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, mice and rats.

• Fire ants can take over a yard in no time. Some colonies have multiple queens, and some have a single queen. The colonies that have multiple queens tend to migrate to new areas so that they can have their own territory. Single-queen colonies are extremely territorial and stay in one place. Their stings are very painful. A swarm of fire ants can kill small pets or send humans to the hospital.

• Termites can find their way into your foundation. Once they’ve gotten inside your home, they’ll burrow into the wooden support beams and eat them from the inside until the beam is hollow and cannot support the weight of the home. Termites must be controlled outside the home and inside.

• Roaches are disgusting insects that carry a wide variety of diseases. They are rarely seen in the daytime, but they come out to search for water and bits of food at night. A roach can live for months off the glue from one paper bag. They’re frequently found in apartment buildings where the neighbors don’t keep their homes clean. After the colony grows, the roaches move next door to a new apartment.

• Fleas and ticks are blood suckers that frequently make their way inside a home by hitching a ride on dogs and cats. Both of these pests spread several diseases and can cause tapeworms in humans and animals.

Bedbugs can be brought into your home on luggage, coats, clothing or pets. They come out at night and bite their victims as they sleep. Once they’ve established a nest, they’re very hard to remove.

• Mice and rats can get inside the walls of your home by digging under the foundation. They chew through wires and bore holes into your cupboards and walls in their search for food. They spread various diseases, including hantavirus.

If your home has been overrun by any of these pests, call a Port St. Lucie professional exterminator, such as Choice Pest Control, to banish the invaders. A pro knows the right chemicals to use and where to put them. It only takes a few treatments to rid your home of unwanted pests if you hire a pro to handle the situation. The warmth and moisture of the Indian River/Martin County area requires a knowledgeable exterminator to end the unwanted infestation.


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