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Queens NY Termite Pest Control

2012 August 31
by admin

Queens Pest and Termite Control

A termite infestation is a serious problem, and many homes and businesses in the Queens area have been affected by these quiet destroyers. The insects feed on the dead wood of trees and plants, so furniture, walls, shelving and the foundations in buildings are all potential feeding zones. These wood eaters can survive in various climates, which makes them even more problematic for residents of Queens and the surrounding areas.

An adequate food supply, moisture and some form of shelter are all necessities for these insects. Because most buildings provide these conditions, termites are able to attack virtually any type of construction. This means any wooden structure in the Queens area is susceptible to an infestation. From Astoria to Woodhaven, termite issues are becoming increasingly common.

The amount of damage termites can cause is significant. They can tear apart large sections of wood, and a colony of these insects can destroy a home over a period of a few months. By chewing their way through the wood, termites can weaken ceiling beams, flooring, roof supports and walls. This type of destruction can be costly to repair, and it may take months before any damage is discovered.

You can identify the presence of termites by checking a building’s foundation. Look for dust from chewed wood, and check ceilings and floors for sagging. When a colony burrows into a piece of wood, the surface of the wood cracks, and you may be able to see the tunnels made by these pests. You may also see termite droppings or discarded wings. In the warm weather, a swarm of winged termites may appear around the area as well.

There are precautions you can take against termite infestations such as eliminating any moisture around the home or repairing any cracks in the foundation. You can also have your home or business inspected annually by a professional. If you discover that you have a termite problem, don’t attempt to address it yourself. Hiring an authority will save you time and money in the long run.

A qualified pest professional has the proper tools and knowledge to eradicate termites from any type of building. These destructive insects can cause substantial damage to your home as well as your wallet. If you live in the Queens area and think your residence has been invaded by termites, trust an expert to eliminate the problem quickly and safely. Superior Environmental Pest Solutions has been serving residents of Queens for years, and gives free quotes.


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