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Removing a Bat from Your Home

2011 January 20
Bat Removal from Home

Common Bat

Discovering a bat inside your home is often a puzzling and unnerving experience.  To begin with, homeowners are frequently uninformed about the natural behavior of bats, the risks they pose, and the safest ways to approach a bat that appears inside the house. For this reason, exploring your bat removal options may seem like a daunting task. However, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind before attempting to manage the arrival of this unwanted guest.

Prior to discussing the variety of responses to a bat that has entered the home, it may be helpful to understand the potential reasons for a bat’s unexpected appearance. In many cases, very young bats will unintentionally roam into a house. Particularly in the latter days of summer, when many immature bats have just discovered their ability to fly, it is not uncommon for these young ones to become lost and confused; as a result, they often accidentally sail into many unusual places, including your home. Alternatively, the discovery of a bat could indicate a larger infestation of bats. In some cases, an entire colony of these creatures will settle into the highest sections of the home, including the attic and chimney. If this occurs, you will undoubtedly require the aid of bat extermination professionals in order to resolve the issue.

Following the detection of the bat or bats, some suggest a variety of do-it-yourself strategies for bat removal. However, there are a number of reasons why this is not advisable. Since it is not common for a bat to reside inside a home, the creature is likely to be defensive and disoriented. Although bats are not, by nature, aggressive creatures, they may instinctively attack or bite if confronted by a human under these distressed conditions. Given that bats are periodic transporters of rabies, such an attack could have severe consequences.

It is clear, then, that one should not attempt to remove a bat on his or her own. Furthermore, simply waiting for a bat to voluntarily exit the house may also present a significant health hazard, as the droppings of bats are highly toxic when inhaled. With all this in mind, your wisest solution is to contact a bat extermination professional. Equipped with the best resources for expelling bats from the home, these experts offer the safest and most efficient method of bat removal.

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