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Seasonal Pests in Spring Hill Florida

2012 November 15

While Florida does have beautiful weather throughout the year, there are still pests that only come out during certain seasons.  Some of the pests that the Spring Hill area gets are termites, rodents, roaches, wildlife, mosquitoes, bed bugs and more.  It is important to know what pests are in season, so you can be on the lookout for signs of them in your home or on your property.


Rats and mice are most common when the weather starts to cool down.  Around September and October, rodents will start looking for warm and dry places to live.  They will enter your home through gaps in the foundation, roof, or any other point of entry.  Some signs of rodents are fecal droppings, ripped food packaging and chewed wires.

Termites and Carpenter Ants

Termites and carpenter ants often get mistaken for one another.  They look similar, and both can quickly do significant damage to any exposed wood.  In Spring Hill, both subterranean and drywood termites are common.  You will start seeing these wood destroying insects around March and April, when the weather starts getting warmer.  The first hot days after it rains will lead to large numbers of these pests coming out of the ground.  It is very important to deal with a termite or carpenter ant problem as soon as it is spotted, as they can do thousands of dollars of damage in a short period of time.


Mosquitoes come out during the summer months in Florida, and can carry a lot of diseases.  West Nile, Malaria, and Yellow Fever are the most common viruses and illnesses they carry.  Mosquitoes will be most commonly found near still bodies of water, as that is the ideal breeding spot for them.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the one pest in the Tampa area that are not seasonal.  Bed bugs are most commonly found in densely populated areas, and popular tourist spots.  While bedbugs do not carry and diseases or germs, they are a major nuisance and are potentially embarrassing.  Bed bugs are the one pest that absolutely requires a pest professional.

If you are looking for professional pest control services in the Greater Tampa area, contact Alternative Pest Management of Spring Hill.  The professionals at Alternative have years of experience and would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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