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Termite Control in New York City

2014 February 10
by pestfinder

If you think that termites only invade suburban and rural homes, think again. Apartments and other buildings in New York City are actually prime targets for these tiny intruders.

In New York, the Eastern subterranean termite is the most common — as well as the most destructive — kind of termite invader. These pests can be found throughout the East Coast, and their colonies can consist of as many as 5 million members. Moreover, each colony’s queen lays 5,000 to 10,000 eggs annually.

A colony of termites.Eastern subterranean termites typically enter buildings during the daytime in March, April, and May. In particular, they tend to head inside on warm days just after it rains.

Additionally, drywood termites — insects that set up colonies inside wood — can enter buildings via crates, packages, and pieces of used furniture. Thus, although the drywood termite is not native to the Empire State, it still poses a threat to New Yorkers.

When termites overrun your home, you might glimpse a swarm of them, or you might only see evidence of their presence. Signs of a termite influx include small stains that resemble mud, holes in paint, soft or damaged wood, and tiny wings piled up on various surfaces.

Controlling termites requires expertise. Only a professional is able to determine the most effective method of termite treatment for a given case. An expert takes into consideration such factors as the termite species, the materials that a building is made of, and the extent of the infestation.

Further, only a pest control authority can reliably provide a comprehensive, long-term solution to a termite influx. Generally speaking, this procedure begins with the specialist inspecting every inch of a property. He or she combs for potential entry points, signs of activity, food sources, termite mounds, and more. After this detailed analysis, the pro might secure the perimeter and treat the grounds with a termiticide — a chemical that would be extremely dangerous in the hands of a layperson. Alternately, he or she might determine that another means of extermination would work better: heat, freezing, fumigation, or some combination thereof.

This process continues after the termites have expired. Pest control professionals work with homeowners to implement preventative strategies that will keep other termites away. These approaches include modifying ventilation systems, getting rid of excess wood, digging trenches, and setting up carefully-placed barriers. If you are in need of a termite exterminator, we recommend the pest professionals at New York Pest Control.


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