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Termite Prevention in Concord NC

2013 May 15

Termites are perhaps the most intriguing of all the common insect pests. Because wood is the focal point of their diet, termites are typically attracted to the foundations and support beams of residential structures. With an appropriate blueprint, you can inspect your home for signs of the critters.

Termite DamageSigns of Termites entering your home

When termites bore into pieces of wood, the signs are typically obvious. If you spot either mud-caked tunnels or piles of discarded wings, you likely have an infestation somewhere in your house. With a bright flashlight and a sturdy screwdriver, you can begin to inspect areas where wood panels have begun to fall away from the rest of the structure. Be sure to check patios, decks, expansion joints, support posts, and window sills.

Check your yard

Examine the yard as well. Subterranean termite species are savvy enough to build long tunnels between houses, garages, and sheds. Inspect wooden fence posts and tree stumps for piles of chewed wood. If you find live termites, of course, then an infestation is clearly present. In the spring and fall, large groups of winged termites may be found together in one spot. Such swarming behavior usually means that the colony is about to expand into other areas.

If you see signs of termites, it’s time to call an exterminator

If you spot discarded wings, chewed wood, mud tunnels, or live termites, you will soon need to take action. Because termite colonies are difficult to eliminate, you will likely require help from an exterminator. In most instances, professionals will assess the degree of infestation during their first visit to the house. In cases where the infestation is particularly large, secondary treatments may be needed. Exterminators can ultimately resort to a range of techniques to wipe out the colony once and for all.  If you have a termite problem in Concord, we suggest Clint Miller Exterminating Co.


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