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Termite Prevention In Monmouth County

2013 May 23
by pestfinder

Termites-680Termites are problematic pests in Monmouth County. If you find even one of these pests, it is important to call us immediately. Regardless of which subspecies group they belong to, termites are some of the most destructive pests to your budget. They can destroy your home, garage or other structures in your yard in record time. Since they may not always show themselves, you should check for these pests regularly and know how to identify signs that they are nearby.

Mud Tubes
These are small dirt tunnels that are often found along the bottom of your garage or home. Termites avoid sunlight, so they use these tunnels to gain entry into your home. Many of them take up residence in the basement or crawl spaces, which may make them harder to find.

Discarded Wings
If you see a pile of wings, take it as a warning sign that swarming termites are near. When the swarming ones appear, this is a sure sign of an infestation.

Cracked Paint Or Hollowed Wood
If paint that should not look weathered has cracks or is peeling, this could be a sign that termites are attacking the wood underneath. Another way to check for termites is to knock on wood that should normally sound solid. If it sounds hollow, this usually means termites are feasting on it behind the walls.

You should not assume any structures or trees on your property are safe. Prevention methods are important for keeping termites away, and we offer both preventative treatments and extermination services. If you have an issue with Termites, contact the professionals at A-Academy Termite & Pest Control for a free quote on our fast and effective termite control services.


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