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Turf Grass can lead to pest problems in Florida counties

2014 January 20

background image, zoysia grassFour of the most popular turf grasses in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties are Bahia, Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia.


Originally used as a pasture grass, Bahia grows well in sandy soil and requires less mowing than other grasses. Although Bahia is generally resistant to wear, it requires a well-planned fertilization and irrigation schedule. The grass is also susceptible to several diseases as well as nematodes and hunting bugs.


Bermuda grass is widely used on golf courses and athletic fields. It handles foot traffic exceptionally well and grows in a variety of soil conditions. Bermuda grass requires frequent irrigation, applications of fertilizer and full sun. Shaded areas are vulnerable to weeds and pests.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the most common of the four grasses. Growing well in a variety of soil types, the grass has a deep green color, a dense growth pattern and is well adapted to the area’s warm, moist climate. The grass requires careful maintenance, wears poorly and is prone to fungal infections and chinch bug infestations, which can cause it to turn yellow and die.


Zoysia is considered one of the South’s most beautiful lawn grasses. Its dense growth resists wear and requires less mowing than other grass species. Zoysia grass requires careful maintenance. Like Bahia, it is also susceptible to hunting bugs, nematodes and several diseases.

Pest Problems

Common pests that can be found in turf grass are army worms and fire ants. Army worms are small and dark brown. They tend to do damage to turf grass during the springtime. Fire ants are a very aggressive species of ant that can inflict intense pain by biting. They cause problems for both people and wildlife alike.

Along with careful mowing, proper irrigation and fertilizer, a healthy lawn requires effective pest control. A knowledgeable technician with the expertise required to identify and correct lawn problems can keep your lawn in top condition with general care, insecticides, fertilization and weed control services. We recommend contacting a professional for your lawn maintenance needs.


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