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What are Signs you may have Termites?

2010 August 10

Termite Damage

Realizing that you might have termites in your home can lead to tremendous heartaches and a lot of worrying. If you begin to recognize signs of termites you should immediately request a termite inspection for you home, otherwise the problem may get worse and cause irreparable damage. Termites do tend to leave a noticeable path of their destruction within your home and signs of termites can be spotted. Here is a list of a few of the most common signs of termites:

  • Damaged wood that appears to be blistered and makes a hollow sound when tapped.
  • Holes about the size of a pin head found in the walls, studs, and woodwork of the home.
  • Live termites flying around your home
  • Termite wings found near the windowsills, light fixtures, attic, and other places.
  • Small pellets that are called frass may also be found near these same regions.

If you recognize any or all of these signs anywhere in your home, they may be signs of termites and you should request a termite inspection by a professional pest control company. Each year there are nearly one hundred thousand termite inspections performed across the United States. Some of these inspections result in the findings of termites while a few find other problems that are not related to termites. No matter the outcome of a termite inspection it is always a wise idea to have a professional check out any signs of termites.

Many homeowners believe that termites can be cured by do-it-yourself treatment methods and other household products. The difficulty with this reasoning is that if you discover signs of termites in your home it is highly likely that there is a widespread infestation in your home. By the time you are able to realize that a termite problem exists, it is probable that extensive damage has already been performed. Without the assistance of a professional pest control service and other safety steps, your home may begin to fall prey to even worse signs of termites.

Because termites are able to quickly reproduce and multiply at an exponential rate, it is important to receive the help that is needed as soon as possible to avoid more serious termite problems. A professional termite inspection will be able to begin the process of killing off existing termites and their eggs and allows your home to be protected from further signs of termites and their destruction.

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