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What Are Sugar Ants?

2011 March 4

What Are Sugar Ants?

Sugar Ants Extermination

Sugar Ants on Candy

There are several different species of ants that are commonly referred to as sugar ants. True sugar ants come from Australia. However, pharaoh ants and pavement ants are also called sugar ants. This is due to their preference for sweet foods. These two types are common in North America. All of the species called sugar ants are small in size. They are also all known for infesting houses.

Sugar ants live in colonies and can make very small nests. They prefer to live in warm, dark places such as beneath stones, in between walls and beneath floorboards. They have the potential to create health hazards because they journey from unsanitary places such as bathrooms to kitchen cabinets. They have even been known to make nests inside of food.

How Can Sugar Ants Be Prevented?

Essentially, sugar ant prevention boils down to cleanliness. Sugar ants are attracted to food scraps left out; they are even drawn to residues, such as the sticky coating left behind from spilled fruit juice. It’s important to thoroughly clean your kitchen each night, removing any remnant of food from sinks, counter tops and floors.

Bleach is a powerful weapon in the battle to prevent sugar ants (as well as other insect pests). This cleanser should be used on your counter tops as well as on your floors. Sugar ants communicate with each other and navigate by leaving trails of pheromones. Bleach disrupts these trails; it also eliminates any traces of food.

While the kitchen is the main area of focus, it’s best to keep your entire home clean and sanitary. Sugar ants are skilled scavengers with an omnivorous diet; they’ll find any bit of food anywhere they can. Be sure to vacuum regularly, even in areas that no one sees, such as beneath your couch. It’s also important to be attentive to your trash cans. Sugar ants (and other pests) can be drawn to the food that’s sitting in your trash bags. It’s also easy for residue to collect on the sides and bottom of a trash can.

How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

While keeping your house clean is something that you can do yourself, actually exterminating a colony of sugar ants that is firmly established in your home can be quite a challenge. Various home remedies are not nearly as effective as professional ant control and elimination.  The techniques used by trained and licensed ant control professionals is the best method for getting rid of sugar ants for good.

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