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What Causes Ant Infestations?

2010 June 30
by admin
Ant Infestation

Ants entering a home through a crack in a brick wall

The most common cause for ant infestations in the home is the ant’s quest for food. The ants that you see crawling on your patio, kitchen, or bathroom floors are known as worker ants. These worker ants’ main job is to search for food and bring it back to the nest. In most cases, ants look for and feed on sweet and starchy foods, greasy substances, or wood and plant materials. Ant infestations can fall into one of two categories: Exterior infestations or Interior Infestations. Each type of infestation have different causes, treatment options, and impact on your daily life.

In an exterior infestation, ants that nest outside the home are located in the ground, such as an anthill. The ants will then create a trail to your home where they collect their food and bring it back to the colony outside. Besides anthills, ants could nest in other exterior structures, such as doorway cracks, step crevices, exterior siding, near piles of firewood, or on decks and roofs that contain rotted or wet wood.

An interior infestation involves the entire colony of ants establishing a nest inside your home instead of scavenging for food and returning outside. Ants, particularly carpenter ants, may build a permanent nest behind walls, near door frames, under windowsills, inside cabinets and behind appliances. Interior infestations are a more serious problem than exterior because of the structural damage the ants cause by burrowing in the wood to build their nest. As long as there is a sustained food source and the queen is thriving, the ants will continue to multiply throughout the house.

The best tactic for eliminating interior as well as exterior infestations is locating the nest and destroying it. This process is best handled by a professional ant control service. Although there are many do it yourself options available, like sprays and traps, these are more often than not temporary solutions. If you want to make sure you get rid of the ants you have and prevent them from returning, Pest control professionals are your best option. The ant control specialist will first inspect the entire property, inside and out, to determine the source of infestation. Next, they develop a plan to not only destroy the colony but also prevent the colony from coming back. They do this by spraying the nest and the outer perimeter with liquid insecticide. For hard-to-reach interior infestations, pest control professionals use ant bait. Ant bait contains an insecticide, so when the workers ants carry the bait back to the nest, it should kill the entire colony instantly.

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