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What Causes Bed Bugs?

2010 August 23
Bed Bug on Human Skin

Bed Bug on Human Skin

Bed Bug infestations are not caused by a dirty or unkempt home. Although they do prefer a more cluttered environment, Bed Bugs will live in any type of environment where a blood meal (from a person or pet) may be present. These infestations are caused when one Bed Bug gets into the luggage, clothing or bedding of its host. Homeowners are at risk when they travel or share quarters, clean or not, with others. Places at risk include hotels, dormitories, barracks and even hospitals. The Bedbugs are carried from these locations in the luggage or clothing of the traveler who then goes home, unknowingly, with the pest in tow.

One of the worst pest problems anyone can face is a Bed Bug infestation. Known for their ability to withstand common cleaning and pest control measures, Bed Bugs are also known for their prolific ability to breed. A female Bedbug can easily lay more than 200 eggs within her 10 month lifespan. Difficult to locate due to their colorless nature, newly hatched Bed Bugs will shed their skin five times requiring a fresh blood meal after each molting session.

Common hiding areas of a Bedbug infestation can include nooks and crannies of bedding items such as mattress seams, bed frames, box springs and even head and foot boards. Although these are considered the more common areas where they may be found, Bedbugs can also hide in other less obvious areas such as along carpet edging by baseboards, furniture seams, behind peeling paint or wallpaper as well as inside wall plates covering electrical outlets and switches.

Bed Bugs in Mattress

Bed Bugs hiding in a Mattress

Since Bedbugs are among the most insecticide resistant pests in the world, commonly used treatments such as pest sprays, shampoos and detergents often fail to rid them all completely. Usual cleaning treatments such as vacuuming and consistent washing rarely kill the existing bed bugs or their emerging eggs which is why professional pest control is the suggested option for safe and complete Bed Bug removal.

However, not all Bedbug infestations are caused by their human hosts. Some Bed Bugs prefer to feed on bats, birds or other home invading pests. In these cases, Bedbugs can often be found in hard to treat areas like attics or crawlspaces where these other host animals have carried them into the home. Only professional pest control agencies have special skills and knowledge in ridding difficult Bedbugs from homes and anywhere they may pose an infestation threat.

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