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What Exactly Is A Bed Bug?

2010 June 29
Bed Bug, Bedbugs

Bed bug next to grains of rice.

Just the words ‘bed bug’ are enough to make a person cringe, start to itch, and maybe even go looking to be sure no bed bugs are present in your home. We’ve all heard how bed bugs are nasty little critters found in hotel rooms that ride home with you and are impossible to get rid of. But, really, what exactly is a bed bug?

Bed bugs are tiny wing-less parasites that feed only on the blood of humans and other warm blooded animals. The term ‘bed bug’ comes from the fact that they are most often found in or around sleeping areas such as beds and couches. That being said, bed bugs are not limited to sleeping areas, for they are often found in carpets, in a room’s crevices and small cracks like under molding or in between floor boards or even under wallpaper.

Once a bed bug infestation is suspected, finding them is a big challenge. The presence of bed bugs is often first noticed by the evidence of small, red and itchy bites on a person’s body (as pictured below) as well as reddish brown marks on the sheets where bed bugs have been squished against a body. Small and active, bed bugs are nearly impossible to remove and are best dealt with by a professional bed bug control company.

Bedbug Bites

Small red welts (bed bug bites) are evidence of a bed bug problem.

Mostly nocturnal, bed bugs are very difficult if not impossible to deal with and try to get rid of. Leaving bed bugs alone to ‘die off’ on their own does not work, for they can live for a long time without eating—up to a year, even. Largely evasive of even the most vigorous vacuuming and washing, bed bugs are small enough to fit through the tiniest stitch hole in fabric. All it takes is one tiny frisky bed bug couple to start a bed bug infestation all over again.

A large majority of bed bug home remedies or quick fixes not only do not take care of the bed bug problem and merely run up expensive bills for no gain against bed bugs.  The use of such remedies against bed bugs are more often dangerous and unsafe practices to use in your home.  Using professional bed bug approaches will ensure the problem is taken care of efficiently and safely.

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