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How Do You Get Rid of Mice & Rats?

2010 July 2
Rat Control

Common House Rat

It has happened to all of us, that sudden, corner-of-the-eye flicker at the baseboard, and that sinking of the heart as we realize the truth…we have mice! Worse, by the time you have seen the first little rodent scurry across your kitchen, you have probably had a rodent infestation for some time, and you probably see far fewer of the mice or rats than are actually in your walls or attic. What can you do to get rid of them and keep mice and rats out of your home for good?

Rats and mice carry infectious diseases and parasites, like fleas, than can make you sick. They tend to hide and congregate in void areas, such as between wall-boards, under foundations, and other places that offer them protection. They are instinctively aware of traps and baits. Many homeowners have found that their well-placed mouse traps are empty, but not sprung the next morning. Some mice may be too small to trip standard mousetraps while rats may be too large. To bring a rodent infestation under control, you need the help of an experienced rodent control service with the tools & knowledge necessary to clear your house of these unwanted pests.

Mouse Mice Control

Mice can enter a home through small spaces

A professional rodent exterminator has access to the right methods to help you get and keep your mouse or rat population under control. Mice control begins with eliminating nests, usually through traps & poison, then stopping their access to your home to prevent further outbreaks. A professional exterminator knows where to look for these access points and how to stop the mice from entering. Rat control is much along the same lines, although rats often inhabit different areas than mice.

After the population is under control and access to your house blocked, the final step your pest control professional will take is to use repellent to keep the mice away. There are several options when using repellent, and a trained pest control professional can tell you which ones are suitable for your home. Some are not good to use around pets, for example, and the pest control technician will probably choose a different mixture if you have dogs or cats.

If the mice and rats are driving you crazy, you do not have to keep baiting useless traps or disposing of inhumane glue trays. Find a local rodent control professional and get a free estimate on ridding your home of these pests and keeping it free from infestations in the future.

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